Brilliant Sunshine: …

Color Face~ December 2013

Just some practice junk, doodles.

I would just like to take a small moment to thank any and all of my followers and anyone else who is liking and reblogging my work, it makes me smile big. You guys are awesome!

The Magic I Remember ~

December 2013..


Dear 42nd follower; Velleyen.

42 is a special number to me because Douglas Adams is pretty freaking awesome. I would do some HHGTTG fan art for you and somehow incorporate you but I’m not sure how active your blog is or what kind of things you’re in to. So let me know sometime if that idea interests you and you will be rewarded. I will also be rewarding other mile marker followers like number 100, and every other hundredth interval. 

Peace out #42, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

Unwelcome In Crowsville

'On wings of shadow

An’ eyes of night

All fear the moon crow,

When death takes flight…

'Where am I, O' where do I go?

~If you don’t know,

Follow the Scarecrow…!!!~

Unwelcome In Crowsville/editNovember 7th. 2013

Unwelcome In Crowsville

'On wings of shadow,

An’ eyes of night

All fear the moon crow,

When Death takes Flight..

'Where am I, O' Where

Do I go?…’

~If you don’t know..

Follow the Scarecrow…!!!~

Unwelcome in Crowsville: October 2013

Dormant in G Major: November 4th 2013

An odd self portrait of sorts I began yesterday morning, surprisingly I don’t hate the way the colors came out. Enjoy.


Applegreed: October 2007

My drawing I did 6 years ago was in the featured tag #Artists on Tumblr, a couple of days ago. Gosh, I’ve never gotten so much attention online for one drawing I was speechless. I wish I knew who featured it so I could properly thank them. Well, on the off chance whoever did feature this “Thank you very much, I’m very happy you did.” Especially since the blog is brand new I didn’t expect any notice at all hardly, but I went from 2 followers to 30 something over night. 

I did this drawing at a really old hotel called Doe Run Inn, with a class taught by Larry Elmore. The hotel is rumored to be haunted, and I had my own experience that inspired my drawing I did there. The tree really stood out from everything on the property. It was captivating in it’s individuality.

She Comes In Colors: 2007